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lia sophia’s AWESOME March Special

29 Feb

lia sophia’s March special is what I like to call “a taste of being a hostess”.  The special this month is twofold.  Not only can you take advantage of our awesome customer save plan, which is buy 2 items at regular price, get your third (the most expensive item) for half off! You read that correctly!  The third item is your MOST expensive item, and it’s HALF off!  But lia sophia is pulling out the stops this month… because when you spend $100, you get a “taste of being a hostess” by getting to purchase any item worth up to $100 for only $25!  What a great special!  To take a look at the catalog, click here.

Women these days are SO busy!  How long has it been since you have gotten together with your best friends over a glass of wine or just to talk?  A lia sophia Show is the perfect excuse to have a party!  It’s simple, fun and so easy!  And you get to reap the rewards of friendship and get free jewelry for spending a night with your friends!

My hostesses get 20% of their show sales in free jewelry, 2 half priced items and 4 items at hostess bonus price.  Hostess bonus price is a fraction of retail.  For items under $100, you’d pay only $15 at hostess bonus price.  This pricing goes all the way up to our most expensive items, which you’ll never pay over $65 for!  It’s a great deal, but it gets even sweeter if you get 10 orders and 2 bookings!  At this level, you’ll receive 40% of your show sales in free jewelry!  I am happy to do in-person shows as well as catalog shows.  A great idea that’s lots of fun is to have a theme party!  Your girlfriends will love it and it will be such a blast!  If you’re interested in having a show, or just want to browse the rewards, click here.

If you’d like to work part time for full time pay, lia sophia is an awesome company to do that with!  We just rolled out a BRAND NEW starter kit chock full of over $1000 worth of jewelry and enough supplies for 5 shows.  Supplies after that have some of the lowest industry prices, and our Advisors enjoy one of the best commission programs anywhere!  Please contact me if you’d like to know more or have an information packet to look over in the comfort of your own home!  My contact information can be found on my webpage here.

Thank you so much for visiting the Chief Domestic Officer!

lia sophia February Special!

9 Feb

lia sophia has an exciting special for February!


Buy any 2 items at regular price, and get 2 items for half price.  Buy 3 items at regular price, get 3 for half.  The number you can get for half is unlimited… you can repeat the special over and over!

The best news?  Those half-off items can be your most expensive items!  You read that right!  For example, you could choose two pairs of earrings at $20 a piece and get that $50 bracelet for only $25 and get that $100 necklace for $50.  This is just an example.  There are many ways you can use the special, and we have jewelry for all budgets.  Click to view our catalog at the link below, or drop me a line on the form!  🙂  Thanks for visiting CDO!

Visit the website here:

Great January Special for lia sophia!

12 Jan
Me with Fall/Winter 2011 Catalog

CDO with Fall/Winter 2011 lia sophia catalog

Well, the bad news is that we have a great catalog that is discontinuing… but the good news is that there is still time to get your favorites out of the catalog at a great deal before they’re gone!

The January 2012 special is:  Buy one at regular price, get TWO for half off.  You can make those two items your most expensive.  This means you can purchase a $20 pair of earrings for regular price and get that $100 necklace for only $50!  It’s an absolutely amazing deal and just the thing to collect your favorite items before the next catalog comes out.

If you think our customer special is great, you’ll love our hostess special!  If you have a $650 show in January, you may purchase a sneak peak style from our brand new catalog for only $10!  It’s an excellent deal and you won’t want to miss out!  In addition, if you hold a $650 show in January, and get an additional $100 worth of jewelry for only $19!  That’s in addition to our already great hostess specials!

Looking for a way to eliminate that Christmas debt?  I can help you, step by step, to build your brand new business!  It’s easy, and getting started only costs $149!

Contact me at, or find my other contact methods on my website here!  Thanks for stopping by!

lia sophia NEW catalog!

10 Jan

lia sophia Spring 2012 Catalog

I’d like to share with you how excited I am about the 2012 Spring lia sophia catalog!

In this catalog, you’ll find 44% more color than the Fall catalog!  Color is going to be big this spring, and you’ll be right on the edge of the trend in lia sophia Jewelry!    You’ll also find 202 NEW styles in the collection, bringing our total number of styles to 532 in the catalog.  You’ll find that 56% of the catalog is under $50.  Our jewelry is an even BETTER value when you pair it with the customer special!  Details will be forthcoming on February’s special.

In the meantime, DO NOT miss out on the January special… and the last chance at some really awesome styles!  January’s special is buy one at reg he first to be seen in the spring lia sophia jewelry, and DON’T miss out on the last chance at the great styles in the current catalog!

I have a great hostess special going on right now as well.  Please message me, visit my site or fill out the form below if you’d like to know more!  Thanks for reading!


A Tiny Preview of Our New Spring Jewelry!

Tiny Preview of the Spring Line


New Bracelets

New Bracelets