A New Term Has Begun!

10 Feb

You may have noticed that things have been eerily quiet on my blog for a little over a week.  My apologies.  Last Wednesday I started into my second term with WGU.  You can read all about my school in this post.

Last term, I managed to bring my credit tally up to 70 credits (yes, in one term… WGU is awesomely flexible!).  The minimum credits to enroll in at WGU are 12.  Last semester I figured I’d be happy if I did 30 credits.  When I ended the semester I was elated to tally them up and find that I had gotten 70 in!  I went to find out what my official status was and found out that I needed one more credit to move to “senior” status.

I am so excited to share with you that as of Tuesday the 7th, I am officially a senior.  I passed the bane of my existence, an exam on math – algebra, geometry, trig and a sprinkling of calculus  (QLC1).  I have since moved on to statistics and accounting.  Meanwhile, I’m also working on my Sales and Marketing Executives International “Certified Sales Executive” certification.   It’s been a bit busy around here, as I’d like to complete my Bachelor’s degree this term.  Life likes to attempt to stall me on that goal.

I’d like to apologize to you for the lack of posts as of recently.  I haven’t forgotten about that third installation of the coffee series (if you’d like to read the first two, start here.  🙂  Hopefully I can find time very soon to post the third coffee post.  If you can’t tell, coffee is a huge motivator for me through school and life.  🙂

I’d love to hear about what motivates you!  Leave me a comment below!

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