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lia sophia’s AWESOME March Special

29 Feb

lia sophia’s March special is what I like to call “a taste of being a hostess”.  The special this month is twofold.  Not only can you take advantage of our awesome customer save plan, which is buy 2 items at regular price, get your third (the most expensive item) for half off! You read that correctly!  The third item is your MOST expensive item, and it’s HALF off!  But lia sophia is pulling out the stops this month… because when you spend $100, you get a “taste of being a hostess” by getting to purchase any item worth up to $100 for only $25!  What a great special!  To take a look at the catalog, click here.

Women these days are SO busy!  How long has it been since you have gotten together with your best friends over a glass of wine or just to talk?  A lia sophia Show is the perfect excuse to have a party!  It’s simple, fun and so easy!  And you get to reap the rewards of friendship and get free jewelry for spending a night with your friends!

My hostesses get 20% of their show sales in free jewelry, 2 half priced items and 4 items at hostess bonus price.  Hostess bonus price is a fraction of retail.  For items under $100, you’d pay only $15 at hostess bonus price.  This pricing goes all the way up to our most expensive items, which you’ll never pay over $65 for!  It’s a great deal, but it gets even sweeter if you get 10 orders and 2 bookings!  At this level, you’ll receive 40% of your show sales in free jewelry!  I am happy to do in-person shows as well as catalog shows.  A great idea that’s lots of fun is to have a theme party!  Your girlfriends will love it and it will be such a blast!  If you’re interested in having a show, or just want to browse the rewards, click here.

If you’d like to work part time for full time pay, lia sophia is an awesome company to do that with!  We just rolled out a BRAND NEW starter kit chock full of over $1000 worth of jewelry and enough supplies for 5 shows.  Supplies after that have some of the lowest industry prices, and our Advisors enjoy one of the best commission programs anywhere!  Please contact me if you’d like to know more or have an information packet to look over in the comfort of your own home!  My contact information can be found on my webpage here.

Thank you so much for visiting the Chief Domestic Officer!

March Thirty-One Special

29 Feb

Thirty-One’s special for March 2012 is spend $31 and buy the Mini Utility Bin (shown above) for only $8!

The mini utility bin retails for $22 and is available in Aqua Circle Spirals, Black Parisian Pop, Camo, Flutter, Lotsa Dots and Textured Twill.  You can check out the patterns here.

This Mini Utility Bin has so many uses!  It is the cutest trash can you’ve ever seen, a toilet tissue holder, a place to put all of your curling and flat irons when not in use, a cabinet organizer, a poolside caddy… there are so MANY uses for this tote, I just know you’re going to love it!

In addition, March is a great time to host a Thirty-One party!  With the great Mini Utility Bin special your guests will love, you’re sure to get the items on your list just in time for vacations and nice weather!  Hostesses are entitled to 5 special hostess-only rewards that you’ll have to see to believe!  Click here to be directed to my website to view all the products.

I know you won’t want to miss out on this month’s special as either a hostess or a customer.  Contact me today to book your show!  My email address is, or call me at the contact number listed on my website anytime!  I am happy to do parties in a reasonable distance from my home.  Contact me for details.  I also do catalog shows.

If you could use an extra full-time income working only part-time hours, please contact me today!  Starting your own no-obligation business is as easy as an email or phone call away!  Our starter kit is only $99 dollars and includes all the supplies and support you’ll need to get started, and all of the support to keep going!  My team is nationwide!

Thanks for visiting the Chief Domestic Officer!

A New Term Has Begun!

10 Feb

You may have noticed that things have been eerily quiet on my blog for a little over a week.  My apologies.  Last Wednesday I started into my second term with WGU.  You can read all about my school in this post.

Last term, I managed to bring my credit tally up to 70 credits (yes, in one term… WGU is awesomely flexible!).  The minimum credits to enroll in at WGU are 12.  Last semester I figured I’d be happy if I did 30 credits.  When I ended the semester I was elated to tally them up and find that I had gotten 70 in!  I went to find out what my official status was and found out that I needed one more credit to move to “senior” status.

I am so excited to share with you that as of Tuesday the 7th, I am officially a senior.  I passed the bane of my existence, an exam on math – algebra, geometry, trig and a sprinkling of calculus  (QLC1).  I have since moved on to statistics and accounting.  Meanwhile, I’m also working on my Sales and Marketing Executives International “Certified Sales Executive” certification.   It’s been a bit busy around here, as I’d like to complete my Bachelor’s degree this term.  Life likes to attempt to stall me on that goal.

I’d like to apologize to you for the lack of posts as of recently.  I haven’t forgotten about that third installation of the coffee series (if you’d like to read the first two, start here.  🙂  Hopefully I can find time very soon to post the third coffee post.  If you can’t tell, coffee is a huge motivator for me through school and life.  🙂

I’d love to hear about what motivates you!  Leave me a comment below!

lia sophia February Special!

9 Feb

lia sophia has an exciting special for February!


Buy any 2 items at regular price, and get 2 items for half price.  Buy 3 items at regular price, get 3 for half.  The number you can get for half is unlimited… you can repeat the special over and over!

The best news?  Those half-off items can be your most expensive items!  You read that right!  For example, you could choose two pairs of earrings at $20 a piece and get that $50 bracelet for only $25 and get that $100 necklace for $50.  This is just an example.  There are many ways you can use the special, and we have jewelry for all budgets.  Click to view our catalog at the link below, or drop me a line on the form!  🙂  Thanks for visiting CDO!

Visit the website here:

Thirty-One February Special

9 Feb

Sorry about the timing on this post!

Thirty-One February Special

The special for Thirty-One for February is…..

Spend $31 and get any item of your choice for 31% off!  It’s a once-in-a-catalog special!

You can order here: or feel free to contact me through the form below.  🙂